Why is CAD Migration Important for Your Business?

2.jpgWhy is CAD Migration Important for Your Business?

Converting any engineering design into a useful presentation is a painstaking task, if done manually. It becomes even more difficult if an organization has large amount of drawings. CAD migration can save a cumulative of about 60 – 70% of the costs. The reusability of designs in both up and downstream applications can help in minimizing the costs and ensuring faster time-to-market.

Global competition has forced organizations to use the latest and the sophisticated CAD systems to cater to their designing and engineering needs. Use of multiple CAD systems ensures data compatibility and decreases the time spent on conversion of data from one format to another, allowing companies to standardize on a single CAD platform.

CAD migration needs intense planning, detailed analysis, logistics, and the ability to visualize the future requirements. It allows standardizing the software tools and thus redefining engineering standards and processes to generate greater benefits.

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